Somatic Psychotherapy with Eveline Wu, MA, MFT


Are you overwhelmed by events going on in your life, your health, your relationships?

Do you feel like you are just tolerating difficult situations in the world, but that is slowly eating away at your ability to experience joy and satisfaction in life, but don’t know how to work it out?

Did you grow up in a stressful childhood environment, have survived many challenges, but feel that old patterns come back to haunt you?

Are you facing challenges related to aging, transitions and forming new communities?

Would you like to life a more fulfilling, authentic life and feel more empowered?

My clients are

* Caregivers, changemakers and activists

* People who have lived “out of the box”

* Children of immigrants

I work with issues including

* People who have faced overwhelming events past or present

* Growing up in dysfunctional families

* Resolving somatic stressors contributing to chronic pain or illness

* Healing shame and body image